Non Parental Events in my world

November 5/2015

In this blog I’m going to tell the story of my hunt to identify the parents of my maternal grandpa, Albert Byers Patterson. Albert was said to have been “adopted” and as far as I know the family had no knowledge of his biological parents before I started this hunt. One rumour was that he was born to a Patterson, perhaps out of wedlock, and then was raised by the Bolands.

In genealogy folks call this sort of thing a Non Parental Event, or NPE. It is often not documented so tracing ancestors runs up against the proverbial brick wall…..

My wife has been doing family genealogy for years and I had not paid much attention but a year or so ago I got interested in solving the puzzle of Al Patterson, knowing that now there are genetic tools that can help find relatives.

I’ll tell the story of how this got me started on a search that led to another search and then another search, all in “NPE land”…..